Building Blocks and your own Color Palette

8 May 2023


Full Day

Level: All stylists

Training: Theory Workshop/Activities

Educator: Ceri Grenfell

COST: R250


Introduction to the fundamentals of Biosense color, Color science, origin of pigment, chemical composition of color

Hydrogen peroxide, MEA, Ammonia, Persulphate Lightner, PH levels of color

Consultation, hair and scalp concerns


Understanding the importance of consultations and why they are necessary

Attendees will have a more in-depth understanding of colorsense color and the importance of color chemistry

More in-depth on PH scale and how it affects the hair, color choice, product choice and peroxide choice

Advance your understanding of hair, structure and composition, achieving amazing color results on all types of hair and learn to select correct color family for best results and optimal coverage.