JOICO In Salon Training

  1. Deep dive into Essentials – Introduction to JOICO and the Essentials Range.


  • Biography & Technology
  • pH
  • Degree of damage
  • Hair Repair System & Pro Series
  • Essential categories
  • Style & Finish

Learn the basic and fundamental information regarding hair and understanding how JOICO performs.  In synergy with this very important foundation, to fully reconstruct hair from the inside out, and to familiarise yourself with important knowledge that will equip your journey with sell through and prescription.

  1. JOIColor Matchmaker – Color Demo


  • JOICO Color Portfolio education
  • Hands On – models required
  • Perception of Color
  • Consultation
  • Manufacturer’s Instructions

A Hands On Color demo that will introduce you to the world of JOICO color and give a first-hand opportunity to see the wonderful results you will achieve with JOICO color.

  1. Smooth Operator – Operators Excellence Session


  • Operators Training
  • Performing professional salon procedures
  • Client satisfaction
  • Etiquette
  • JOICO Back bar specifics

This session will improve the skills of the Operators in the salon.  Procedures, basic product knowledge and application will be covered in this session.

  1. Deep Dive into Color – Color Theory


  • Technology & Biography of JOICO
  • Types of hair color
  • Manufacturer’s Instructions
  • Features & Benefits
  • RPC

An in depth education of JOICO Color enabling you to feel confident with your color services.

  1. Experience the JOI – Basin Day


JOICO always aims to provide their clients with continued support in sales and education. We can easily achieve this by giving our salons the opportunity to host a basin day. Together we can offer our existing clients a little pampering which will ensure they continue to spread positive word-of-mouth about JOICO and your salon.

  1. Hands on Color correction


  • Identifying the RPC for best toning results
  • How to successfully go from dark to light
  • How to guarantee long lasting color results when going from light to dark

Assisting you in salon with color correction and how to achieve the best desired results, whilst maintaining the integrity of the hair. Learn how to identify the correct RPC when lifting to select the best toner to eliminate unwanted underlying pigments and achieve the best results.  Know how to lift the hair correctly from dark to light and how to achieve the best, long lasting results from light to dark.

  1. Smooth transitions – Melting and blending.


  • Color blending
  • Root smudging/shadowing
  • Creating movement & texture through block coloring techniques

How to create the perfect blend from root smudges to color melting techniques. Creating movement and texture through color blocking, layering. By melting and blending you can also create beautiful depth and dimension in terms of reverse balayage, which can create minimum work/effort on the stylists part with maximum results.

  1. Color Revival – Revitalize your Color.


  • Reviving previously color treated hair
  • How to achieve long lasting color results

How to get the best out of your color and revitalising previously color treated hair. Keeping your color on tone and vibrant, brightening your blondes and refreshing reds without creating bands and adding too much depth.

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