Project Description

Paul Mitchell – Seminar Trainings Jhb and Coastal

Training sessions for jhb and coastal areas

  • Full day 9:00- 4:00pm (snacks and lunch included)
  • Address: Twincare International Head Office

Taken from the outline of the international global trend of 2020 + 2021- where we draw inspiration from the sustainability of the culture paul mitchell has created for their trend grounded i & ii collections, we aspire to revolutionize the way we in south africa use paul mitchell color, techniques inspired by the grounded trend, and technical color placements that will blow your mind to ignite your own creativity and understanding in the introduction to color xg and the demi into what we call: the elements.

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Dates for Johannesburg Training

  • 12 April 2021 – earth (color + styling)
  • 26 April 2021 – earth (color + styling)
  • 24 May 2021 – fire (coloraturas, lightening, styling + cutting)
  • 14 June 2021 – fire (coloraturas, lightening, styling + cutting)
  • 16 August 2021 – water ( upstyle)
  • 18 October 2021 – water (upstyle)
  • 25 October 2021 – wind/air (lightening, toning, cutting)
  • 8 November 2021 – wind/air (lightening, toning, cutting)


  • Color with no limit and style with no hesitation. introduce presentation and push understanding of sustainability and where pm was birthed and created.
  • Delegates will receive a “play-pack” with branded pm items as a gift.
  • Use of mannequin heads.
  • Booklets/files to be issued with the looks and step by step with inserts.
  • Emphasis on focus products to allow growth to their salons from far away.
  • 2 phase day- morning with presentation and educating delegates on the collections and introduction to the training being done. lunch, afternoon with a full hands-on with the heads and recreating the morning session with own modifications.
  • These trainings are set individually with certificates at the end of the training day that will be issued to each individual.


  • Tantalizing the creative juices to allow the trend to follow through into the salon and help their creativity expand to better their clients experience in the chair.
  • To leave wanting more and to feel motivated in incorporating this into their everyday business in salon and to grow the pm brand within their salons.
  • To learn and experience new and up and coming techniques that are versatile and adaptable for every person walking in their door for color and styling.

Dates for Coastal Seminars

  • 17 May – 20 May 2021 – KZN
  • 21 June – 24 June 2021 – Cape Town
  • 12 July – 15 July 2021 – Port Elizabeth
  • 2 August – 4th August 2021 – Bloemfontein
  • 20 September – 23 September 2021 – George


  • 9am – 4pm Mondays
  • Tuesday – Thursday demos in salon
  • The elements, awg, tea tree, mitch, mvrck, color xg and the demi ( monday will be broken into 2 sessions, morning- theory, lunch & then show and tell.
  • Incorporating the elements + full pk, top 15 products
  • Play dates set prior to visit for Tues – Thurs

Explore the elements with Paul Mitchell


  • Inspiration – wood from grounded 1 collection
  • Intermedient – advanced training
  • Breakdown – color, lightening, styling and cutting

  • Participants to bring all own equipment


Drawing inspiration from the fire- igniting the grounded wood collection with styling and coloring the most vibrant nuances of fiery tones. here we will highlight the burning radiance of color and gorgeous brilliance and magnificent moment of the flames. in the element of fire.


This sparkling phantom with visual warmth sets the tone, working through the pk on xg, dpl, skylight and the demi. we will steamroll creativity working through styling and color that best suites this element and help adapt your skill set when using this in salon.


  • Inspiration – wood and matter grounded 1 + 2
  • Foundation training
  • Breakdown – coloraturas and styling
  • Participants to bring all own equipment


Drawing inspiration from the earth- infusing grounded matter, moss and wood collections with coloring and cutting techniques. we will open our minds to a visual experience where bursts of color show true beauty from the earth.


In the element of earth, we will watch a presentation with video references in the session, working through the pk on xg and the demi. putting earth back onto the radar and understanding our sustainability for saving the planet and incorporation black color techniques to spin your world of color around.


  • Inspiration – gravity – grounded 2 collection
  • Foundation +intermediate training
  • Breakdown – lightening, toning and cutting
  • Participants to bring all own equipment


Drawing inspiration from the wind- creating softness and breezy life from the grounded collection- gravity with styling and color placement techniques. here we will feel our way through the understand and visual of movement and use gravity and anti- gravity as the elevation.


In the element of wind, with video references and theory in the session, working through the pk on xg, dpl and the demi. facing certain issues and challenges which usually are problematic in salon and how to adapt this in the salon to suite your clients’ needs and expectations.


  • Inspiration – light + mass – grounded 1 + 2.
  • All stylists/apprentices
  • Breakdown – up do/ upstyling basic-avantguard
  • Participants to bring all own equipment


Drawing inspiration from the water – embodying the grounded collection- light with styling, fluid color and cutting techniques. with weight and weightlessness, body, and energy of styling in hair expresses all fluidity motion water can offer.


In the element of water infusing the grounded collection moss, we will draw insight with video and picture references in the session, working through the pk on xg, dpl and the demi. this dynamic styling and color placemnt session will target hair flowing movement you vast beyond your imagination with pops of soft color to make the style fuse together.