Kevin Murphy Palladium Awards for Start and Blonde Techniques

Kevin.Murphy assisted in a very successful colour takeover in one of Pretoria’s biggest salons, known as Palladium. As part of the takeover, they assisted with a playdate in salon- assisting every stylist with their colour conversions/consultations. They focused the correct method of COLOR.ME applications, correct way of removal of colour, mixing ratios and wastage.

The second week of the takeover’s, Kevin.Murphy’s educators spent a week in salon to assist with any help needed. As part of a supportive roll out plan, KM branded colour capes as well as provided colour tools. With every colour service done in the 1st week of launch the client received a complimentary KEVIN MURPHY REGIMEN. To celebrate the takeover and a successful two weeks, KM hosted a Launch Evening held at palladium with certificate of completion, great food and great company.