Over the years, we have had COLOR.ME classes offering everything from fundamental knowledge and understanding to more advanced classes and techniques.

Due to the success of these classes, we have decided to launch A “Higher Education” program where you can learn even more and be immersed into the COLOR.ME brand.

We wanted to make sure that we focussed on the main things that you, our valued clients, were asking for..

Taking existing skills to a new level

Immersive and hands on experience

Better communication with clients

Stronger connection to COLOR.ME as a brand

Connect with other salons and build the COLOR.ME community

As part of our HIGHER EDUCATION program, we will be offering a 6 Day role out as well as a graduation dinner on completion.

The program is to ‘Start at the very beginning’ talking about fundamental colour. What it is, how it works, what it looks like, how it behaves…..

Then in FORMULATION.ELEVATION we look at understanding our clients wishes and from there how to identify which products, tools and techniques to use in which situation. This will allow you to always be in control and master bigger colour challenges and resulting in happy clients with beautiful results.

When we have developed these skills and gained confidence, we can then get more creative!  Look deeper at design, influence and add your own personal flare!

You will finish by executing all your knowledge into your very own look on a mannequin, including colour and styling and present your model back to the other COLOR.ME stylists and guests.