TwinCare’s in collaboration with the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation

Overview of The NCCF

The NCCF visits the charities that appeal to them for help, assess their individual needs and try to provide for those charities in a way that promotes sustainable living and improves the lives of the children those charities care for in a meaningful way.

  • Groceries, cleaning materials and toiletries.

  • Education (which includes school uniforms, stationery and educational equipment).

  • Building and renovations.

  • Sponsored outings and entertainment.

  • Office automation equipment.

  • Oral and dental care from Cahi Dental Practice and the Paedodontic Society of South Africa.

Each of those six pillars branches out into a staggering list of basic necessities and services that the NCCF provides for the charities under its care.